TK Lift

You can lift/move objects with your Telekinesis instead of your Strength.

Spend a quantum point – You may now use the total of your Quantum + Telekinesis as a replacement for Strength + Might in a lifting feat (p 234). If the character has one more dot than the minimum necessary to lift the object, no roll is necessary. The object stays lifted and directed by the player for one scene, until acted upon by an outside force or released by the player. These rules assume the target is solid matter, rock,wood,ice etc. Liquids like water, battery acid or gasoline are more difficult to keep together. A player only has ½ their normal die pool when manipulation liquids. Gasses like air, chlorine, or hydrogen are impossible to manipulate with Telekinesis (use Elemental Anmia instead)

Note: Using Telekinesis on living or animated creatures is a contested action described by Throw/Bash or Knockaround.

TK Quantum Lift

You can lift more by spending more quantum.

For every additional quantum point spend the player can double their success made on a lift roll. Quantum points must be spent before the lift roll is made.

  • TK Throw – Objects can be thrown/propelled at enemies inflicting lethal damage.
  • TK Bash – Enemies can be attacked directly for bashing damage
  • TK Knockaround – Enemies can be tossed

Delicate Tasks – A Nova can apply their abilities through their telekinesis power. Knots can be untied, keyboard keys pressed, lock tumblers moved. The Nova must still be able to somehow ‘sense’ what they need to manipulate, normally line of sight, but x-ray vision, ESP, electromagnet senses and touch may work given the right circumstances as determined by the game master.

System: Spend a quantum point – The total of your quantum + telekinesis REPLACES the applicable attribute score. Mega attributes also do not apply.


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